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"Chris keeps a very broad strategic picture in mind. She understands the complex dynamics that grant makers are dealing with, she knows what’s happening in the field and she has great clarity about how funders' investments are going to be part of a larger whole."

Kevin Walker



Strategic planning and analysis

With a combination of creativity and research, MetisNet helps foundations shape initiatives that further social change. By stepping back to look at the bigger, more complex picture, Chris Sturgis helps convert clients' ideas into action and ensure that money is spent wisely. Chris is known for her ability to craft long-term funding strategies that leverage clients’ existing investments and channel resources toward the areas of greatest impact.

In her role as a thought partner for her clients, Chris identifies emerging opportunities by staying abreast of the latest activities in the field. Over time, she helps clients modify their strategies and, when necessary, collaborate with other foundations and donors in order to achieve their giving goals.


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