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"Chris brings passion and commitment along with a sophisticated sense of how philanthropic dollars create change."

Kevin Walker



Finding better ways to fund the greater good

At MetisNet, we believe passionately in philanthropy. We also believe that when philanthropists give with focus and direction, the world is better for it. Our mission stems from the very roots of our name — metis — a Greek word for local knowledge and wisdom.

MetisNet was founded by Chris Sturgis, a community engagement expert who has a unique ability to capitalize on the distinct cultures and giving guidelines of individual organizations. With a deep commitment to anti-poverty and education issues, Chris helps her clients define goals, eliminate obstacles and reach desired outcomes. In large and small ways, communities throughout the country have benefited from her expertise.

Chris digs deep for local knowledge, since it is in those roots where insight is most rich. She works with clients to design the mix and depth of services that are most appropriate, depending on the breadth and complexity of the questions at hand. Whatever the assignment, Chris invests her whole self – intellectually and emotionally – into the challenge, staying true to her ongoing commitment to affect real and positive local change.

Clients may call on MetisNet for:

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