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"Chris has an incredible ability to bring groups of individuals together to move an agenda forward. She's exceptionally good at group dynamics; she gets groups to be cohesive and to seek commonalities in what might otherwise seem to be disparate perspectives."

Michael Wald,

Professor of Law,


Former Co-chair,


The Youth Transition Funders Group

Chris Sturgis serves as co-chair of the YTFG, which is a collaboration of 40 foundations all devoted to issues faced by older youth (ages 14-24). Her early leadership of the YTFG helped craft its mission to assist vulnerable youth make successful transitions to adulthood.

Due in part to Chris' vision, the YTFG is a solutions-focused entity that works collaboratively with and draws on the expertise of local and national foundations. The group works actively to improve communication among grantees and to guarantee youth a place on local and state agendas.

Review a paper a paper on education and juvenile justice co-written by Chris Sturgis:

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